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About The New Marketing Playbook

The New Marketing Playbook is designed to be a practical guide to help readers learn and apply all of the latest marketing tools and techniques, so that you can not only navigate our new reality; but also be a disruptive force and driving change within your organisation.

We are living in a period of hyperchange where economic shocks, political upheavals, natural disasters and global health pandemics are part of ‘normal’ life. Traditional marketing models are designed for a ‘business as usual’ mode, so how do you prepare for this new environment? You need The New Marketing Playbook: a dynamic way to keep you at the top of your game. With an easy to understand and actionable framework, your organisation will be able to navigate a dynamic and changing environment so you can grow and thrive.

It’s a must-have playbook you can keep coming back to that combines theory, practice, insights and case studies that will help transform your marketing activities to unearth undiscovered insights about your customers. It will also help you develop new propositions and customer experiences to meet their needs; create compelling communication and engagement strategies; and measure and improve your marketing with a roadmap of strategies your organisation should take.

Key Takeaways

  • Unearth undiscovered insights about your customers
  • Develop new propositions and customer experiences
  • Create compelling communication and engagement strategies
  • New ways to iterate and improve your marketing

Featuring Case Studies & Examples Including:

Who Is It For?

  • Those who want to use the power of marketing to get ahead
  • Anyone who is both strategic and action-oriented, regardless of your role, level or industry
  • Have a desire to be a change-maker, an out-of-box thinker, an innovator or an instigator
  • Looking to forge a career in marketing

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What's Included

Bonus Chapters:
A quick start guide to building your marketing strategy
This chapter will cover the building blocks that make up a marketing strategy, considering a customer-centric approach to build, engage and foster strong connections with customers.
Principles of media planning
This chapter will explore the fundamental principles of how to develop a media plan, that will enable you to reach the right target audience and make an impact.
Learning Modules:
How to master copywriting
This module will allow you to get to grips one of the most important skills in marketing; copywriting. It will enable you to develop compelling copy across a variety of different media and content types.
Managing your marketing finances
Understanding how to measure the effectiveness and return on investment of your marketing spend is critically important. This module will help you determine the most important aspects of marketing finance and enable you to become a more commercially oriented marketer.

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