The Science of Customer Experience


What do we cover?


Focussed on building your knowledge of CX

Over 25 hours of skill developing content

Taken at your own time and pace to work around your busy schedule

Over 10 practical case studies

From leading practitioners to learn exactly how they were able to apply CX techniques in their business

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What will you get out of it?

You will gain a holistic understanding of the world of Customer Experience and how you can apply proven tools and techniques to add value to any organisation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a robust understanding of customer experience based on scientific theory, insightful case studies and practical advice from professionals working in Customer Experience roles.
  • Equip themselves with a range of tools specifically designed for the key tasks undertaken by Customer Experience roles (including: business case, internal communications, reporting).
  • Learn (and practice) new skills in Customer Experience.
  • They could choose to go deeper with additional reading and watching resources which will equip them with the relevant terminology and provide evidence to further support their position of influence.
  • Continue to share experiences through the course alumni.

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