Leadership in Sustainability Marketing


What do we cover?


Blended learning experience

Face to face workshops

Using a simulation methodology where individuals are placed into teams and work through a practical business challenge

Hours of online learning

Access to our online module where we scene set and provide the big picture for the way capitalism is changing

Example workshop

What will you get out of it?

Why is change required?

The perfect storm for transformational change

The 3 disruptive forces: changin patterns of consumptions, the next cycle of capitalism and technological growth

Changing nature of consumers


What to change?

New business models: An understanding of the new products and services

Innovative mindsets: Adopting a flexible mindset and agile approach 


How to change?

Purpose-driven marketing

Creative solutions and proposition development approaches

Data-driven marketing

Use of digital marketing

Use of social and consumer-driven marketing

Customer experience

Innovation, entrepreneurism and collaborating with the ecosystem

Soft skills: Negotiation, influencing, communication


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