Our Jump Start Programme

Jump Start is an 8-week programme that helps new starts develop holistic marketing skills to be successful in any organisation.


Why this programme?

What do we cover?

online units of study

A structured range of online modules each week

live sessions

Contextualise the skills and knowledge and work with others to foster collaboration

hours each week

The programme requires around 5 hours of commitment each week

Example workshop

What will you get out of it?

The programme aims to build your knowledge and skills in marketing, in order for you to be successful in any marketing role. Here is what you will develop through the programme:

Strategic and Executional Skills:

  • Determine how to develop a marketing plan
  • Understanding how to develop a brand strategy using consumer-led insights
  • How to understand data and apply this understanding to create marketing plans
  • Develop propositions and content plans
  • Determine which digital tools to use and when
  • Understand the risks that are associated with marketing and ways to mitigate against them

Technical Skills:

  • Create content and copy in an agile and rapid way
  • Use a range of digital tools
  • Learn how to pretotype and prototype propositions and test in market
  • Social media and influencer strategies
  • Data reporting, analytics and visualisation
  • Creative design for static and dynamic content
  • CRM and relationship approaches

Soft Skill Development:

  • A marketer also needs to have a range of soft skills including:
  • Influencing
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Pitching
  • Leadership

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Improve your CV


Our globally recognised programme is ideal for your CV and to demonstrate the skills you have learnt and developed in marketing.

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By going through our programme you are demonstrating a strong dedication to your own professional development and willingness to learn. Furthermore, this will demonstrate to employers that both the strategic and tactical skills needed to excel in any job.

Grow your career


Improving your marketing knowledge will put you at the fore-front and help you to be successful in your chosen career.

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