The Pledge

Making sure your door is open for diverse talent

At the School of Marketing our mission is to help and inspire young people from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds get into and succeed within the industry.

However, the statistics and odds are stacked against us. Many of these young people are left feeling that a marketing career is out of reach. Furthermore, a range of stereotypes and misconceptions exist on issues such as pay, opportunities, career progression and even what the job would look like on a daily basis that need addressing.

We are committed to championing this cause to make our world, their world. To help foster their talents, no matter where they are from and show these young people that they can have a vibrant, successful and fulfilling career in our industry.


But we need your help.

We ask that you back the ‘Pledge’ that asks marketing departments to encourage young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and with diverse talents to consider a career in the industry.

Also, to commit that your processes do not disadvantage any applicant from applying and being successful. Once in a role, these individuals will be given the support and mentorship they need to thrive.

Our ask is simple but important and it starts here. Sign up to our Pledge and you will become a Pledge Company. You will be part of a prestigious published list of companies that are committed to helping young people from disadvantaged and diverse backgrounds.

What do you get by being a ‘Pledge’ Company:


What do you need to do?

Fill in the form to sign up to the pledge:

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By signing up to the pledge you are happy for the School of Marketing to send you relevant information and best practise to help recruit and support individuals from disadvantaged and diverse backgrounds. You also agree for your company name to be published on our public list where we may ask for case studies and interviews from time to time that will be published. School of Marketing reserves the right to remove any company from the list it deems not to be adhering to the spirit of the pledge.

What can you do today?


In pursuit of our mission to help young people of all backgrounds into our industry, we have found that there are many recruitment practises that employers (quite unknowingly) do that disadvantage certain individuals from getting into our industry.

Take a look at this list and review your own recruitment practises in light of these. It’s the right thing to do, it will help you recruit the best of the best wherever they come from.