The Places We'll Go Show with Ash Schofield

In this episode, Ash talks about the importance of community, what it was like transitioning from CMO to CEO and how his childhood influenced him to be the leader he now is.

Key Takeaways

  • Engaging your community in the decision making process is crucial
  • CMO's should drive the narrative of the business
  • Your members are your frontline support - They co-create.
  • You have to brave enough to take risks

Who is Ashley Schofield?

Ash began his early career days working as a marketing analyst for a distribution company, before switching to the telecoms sector in 1999. He attained roles at BT Cellnet, Genie and O2 before leading the entire marketing team at Tesco Mobile. Six years later, Ash joined giffgaff as Chief Experience Officer and was later appointed as Chief Marketing Officer. Following an outstanding recommendation, Ash was later asked to become CEO of giffgaff, honouring his 13-years of outstanding performance in the telecoms sector.

Since joining giffgaff, they have been awarded the uSwitch Network of the Year award for the last 4 years running for their exceptional customer experience, or should I say "member experience".