The Greatest Olympian Ever with Sir Steve Redgrave CBE

In this episode Sir Steve Redgrave CBE talks about how vital a positive mindset is, ability is only half the battle and what made him carry on for 16 years.


Key Takeaways

  • Ability is only half the battle
  • Dedication is key 
  • You need to maintain a positive mindset 
  • Enjoy what you're doing
  • Having a challenge makes you go far

Who is Sir Steve Redgrave CBE?

Undoubtedly most famous as the winner of an unprecedented five Gold Medals in five consecutive Olympic Games, Sir Steve Redgrave's accomplishments in the world of rowing are unparalleled.

Today, Steve continues to share his unique knowledge and experience of endurance events to benefit the competitive worlds of sport and commercial enterprise, investing his time in individuals and projects across the world.