The Employers Guidebook to Hiring a Marketing Apprentice


The Employers Guidebook to Hiring a Marketing Apprentice

This National Apprenticeship Week, we’re helping employers with everything they need to know about hiring an apprentice and why it is good for business. 


It’s no secret that not all organisations have bought into apprenticeships yet, which is disappointing. Still, we are seeing a shift in society toward more individuals opting for an apprenticeship as a career path. So, how do we encourage more employers to explore apprenticeships to prosper new talent and skills in the industry? We’re here to show you. 


Build the future 


Every year National Apprenticeship Week is centred on a single theme, and this year it is ‘Build the future. We know that the last two years have been a struggle for many. So we’re excited to see that apprenticeships, in particular, are a massive focus for helping our country to future proof its workforce, train individuals in new skills, and retrain. 


‘Build the future’ is wholly aligned to our values and mission at the School of Marketing. We’re looking to shift perceptions in the industry towards apprenticeships being a top choice for individuals looking to pursue a marketing career, whether they are just starting or considering a career change. We’re also looking to organisations for support in providing those opportunities. 


The Employers Guidebook to Hiring a Marketing Apprentice


If you’re on the fence and haven’t yet taken the plunge, explore our employer's guidebook for all of the information you need on hiring an apprentice. 


1. Five benefits of apprenticeships for employers and business 


The argument for hiring an apprentice. In this article, you will learn how hiring an apprentice has a positive influence on the overall growth of your business, as well as other benefits like higher staff retention rates. 


2. What is the apprenticeship levy? 


While we’re talking about finances, have you heard of the apprenticeship levy? It is a UK tax on employers to help fund apprenticeships and encourage more businesses to support the scheme. So what’s in it for you? All employers who pay into the levy can access their funds to contribute towards apprenticeship fees via the apprenticeship service.


3. What we teach on our Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Programme


Discover the skills and techniques we cover on our Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Programme to help your employees grow in the digital space. We pride ourselves on teaching the latest skills and techniques available to marketers today to equip them with the necessary tools to thrive in the industry. 


4. Apprentice Interview Guide: How to find the right talent for your business


In this guide, we help you break down the end-to-end process of hiring an apprentice, including writing a job description, advertising your role, the interview process, and making the offer. 


5. Marketing apprentice interview questions for employers


As the employer, it is your responsibility to conduct a fair interview process, encouraging candidates to express their passion and skills for a career in the industry while understanding who is a good fit for the company. We’ve broken down how to structure an interview with your potential candidates to find the best apprentice for your company. 


6. Apprenticeships begin at 40 


Last but not least, we wanted to throw a little curveball in here. We believe that apprenticeships are for everyone, and we’re turning the ultimate convention, that apprentices are only for young people, on its head. So have a read and let us know what you think. 


If this guidebook has you swayed, we would love to hear from you! Contact us at for more information