Scaling a Start-Up with Carrie Longton, Co-founder,

In this episode, you will learn the lessons of scaling a start-up, what it takes to build a community and Carrie's battle with cancer.

Key Takeaways

  • Notice the little things
  • Sought a different life
  • The platform was providing kindness from strangers
  • Advice - incubate your start-up 1 day a week
  • Live your best life
  • Find joy in everyday
  • Joining the dots – jobs you don’t why know you're doing it
  • Make no money – don’t take investment
  • Sued made her famous!
  • Caring for someone is harder
  • Be useful
  • Find a good mentor, find joy every day, don’t stress the small stuff, be kind

Who is Carrie Longton?

Co-founder of, Mum of three tech-savvier kids, cake-maker, runner, new wild swimmer and seaside lover.

Mumsnet is part of the landscape now, but back in 1999, it was just another tech startup. By 2018 Mumsnet had 1.3 billion page views from 119 million unique users and revenue of £8.6 million.

And then Carrie found out she had cancer. Carrie’s treatment worked and she is now in good health. And Mumsnet continues to thrive.