Say hello to our new Data Analyst L4 Apprenticeship Course


Say hello to our new Data Analyst L4 Apprenticeship Course

There’s something new on the horizon.


With the success of our digital marketing apprenticeship course, we felt a need to expand our offering to young people to ensure they are learning the most relevant skills for our industry today. So we are pleased to announce the launch of our latest programme, the Data Analyst Level 4 Apprenticeship, designed to inspire, inform and up-skill the next generation of marketing leaders. 


What is the Data Analyst Level 4 Apprenticeship? 


Data forms the backdrop to everything we do, and it is key to unlocking colossal value and growth for organisations. However, identifying, extracting, interpreting, and harnessing data is a skill that is currently in short supply. It is a critical emerging skill that organisations require today and yet is one of the most underserviced. 


Our data analytics programme will help individuals get to grips with and be able to leverage the power of data. The programme lasts 17 months and will equip students with the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques they need to discover and translate data into insight and action.


What will I learn? 


Data scientists are crucial to any modern business today looking to collate and understand data insights that can be turned into action. We teach everything from programming fundamentals to data visualisation, machine learning, AI, and data engineering on the programme. 


Our goal is to help individuals become proficient and gain expertise in data science to help take their organisation to the next level. This includes;

  • Determining the fundamental principles of good data practice

  • Being able to structure data to make meaningful decisions and generate customer insights

  • Able to visually represent essential information and data to stakeholders 

  • Gain a strong understanding of data analysis techniques, modelling and statistics 

  • Determine the needs, expectations and experiences of customers in real time to predict future requirements. 


How does the programme work? 


The programme lasts 17 months and is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to discover and translate data into insight and action. Using our extensive understanding of how our learners learn, we have created a unique learning design model to maximise knowledge retention and application in the most effective ways. This involves;

1. 25% Build Capability and Knowledge

This is the first step on your learning journey where you will take part in interactive workshops and online learning and have plenty of thought leadership articles and podcasts to read and listen to to help you learn the content. 


2. 50% Apply and Practice
This is all about using group discussions, simulations, live business projects and mentoring to understand the content and apply what you’ve learned in a group setting to help it resonate and stick. 


3. 25% Review, reflect and iterate

This part is all about receiving feedback from experts, your peers and the community and continually adapting your learning to increase knowledge and skills. 


Who is the apprenticeship for? 


Our CEO says it best: 


“Whether you have recently started a new job or are upskilling, starting an apprenticeship is a transformational journey that will open up exciting opportunities. This programme will equip you with the knowledge, skills and behaviours you need to thrive in your career.” Ritchie Mehta, CEO, School of Marketing 


See, apprenticeships aren’t just for school leavers as a route into the industry - they span much broader than that, and we are on a mission to break this myth! 


If you are interested in learning more about the Data Analyst Level 4 Apprenticeship Course, please download the prospectus or get in touch with one of our lovely team (Roxeanne or Kirstie), who will be happy to assist you.