Mastering Side Hustles with Jeremy Connell-Waite, Communications Designer at IBM

In this episode, Jeremy shares advice and guidance on identifying what is important and where to focus your resources, what aspects of digital marketing aren't working and how to fully embrace creativity.

Who is Jeremy Connell-Waite?

Jeremy leads IBM’s "Wild Ducks" commercial storytelling studio, where they create compelling pitches and presentations for purpose-driven brands.

Some of his 'side hustles' include hosting a weekly podcast; helping raise awareness of environmental issues and inspire change through his role as a Climate Action Ambassador; writing books on marketing and storytelling; and more! In past lives, Jeremy has owned his own agency, authored four books and worked for brands such as Nike, MTV, Rovio, LVMH, Uber and Vodafone.

He has also worked on strategic accounts with Facebook’s largest ad agency and led marketing strategy teams at Adobe and Salesforce. Oh, and Jeremy has also spent some time as a giraffe keeper!