Making Global Change with James Brett, Founder of Plant for Peace

Key takeaways

  • Travel was freedom; character builder
  • Instinct is powerful
  • Need to be fulfilled
  • Influence got into supermarkets
  • Gratitude for everything that has gone before
  • Pivoting off of pain
  • Life goes on 
  • Dig Deep, Push On, Keep Going

Who is James Brett?

James is the Founder of Plant for Peace, a global initiative aimed at bringing sustainable stability to countries crippled by conflict by the creation of horticultural cooperatives.

It’s a remarkable initiative currently focused on Afghanistan, where James has singlehandedly addressed 55,000 tribal elders urging them to stop growing poppies - the source of much of the world’s heroin - and start growing pomegranates instead.

The ‘fruits’ of this initiative is a range of innovative products the first of which – an organic yogurt-covered fruit bar – can be found in Waitrose and Holland & Barrett from May 2015.

It’s a story that includes child abuse by his grandfather, the early tragic death of his mother, his subsequent decline into drug addiction, homelessness, prison, betrayal, violence and mental illness.