From selling soft drinks in the pubs and clubs of the North East to Marketing Director at Britvic PLC

How our Digital Marketing Apprenticeship is the key to career progression...


Fiona Graham, Head of Marketing at Britvic PLC, reaveals how our digital marketing apprenticeship is allowing her to focus on personal development and why she feels apprenticeships are integral if you are looking to unlock career progression. 


Tell us a bit about your career journey


So I started my career in sales. I sold soft drinks in the pubs and clubs of the north east of England, that was a pretty tough gig and I quickly decided that their career in marketing was actually more suited to my skills. I worked my way up from Assistant Brand Manager, through to Marketing Controller, Marketing Director.


How did you know that our Digital Marketing Apprenticeship would be right for you?


We decided as a business that we wanted to put a cohort of team members through a digital marketing program and when I looked at the subject matter on the program, I knew that this was going to be perfect for me too. As an older marketer, I've got lots of training in traditional communication channels and it can often feel that you're a little bit left behind when it comes to digital marketing. So the choice for me to take part in this apprenticeship was very much about me enhancing my skills and getting much more confident that I knew what I was talking about when it came to digital marketing channels and techniques.


Why should someone choose an apprenticeship over university?


Well, of course, if you can find an apprenticeship it will allow you to study and learn while you're actually earning money. So you've really got the best of both worlds because you're gaining experience that employers will want and by the time you actually enter the marketplace, you'll be in a really strong position versus graduates who are coming out with little to no experience, but the same kind of qualifications.


So there you have it! No matter what stage of your career your are in, wether you are just getting started or like Fiona you are a more expereinced marketer, our Digital Marketing Apprenticeship will allow you to focus on your personal development and career progression goals. 


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