Fresh Business Thinking Webinar With Ritchie Mehta and Keith Weed - Sponsored by BT

About the Fresh Business Thinking webinar sponsored by BT

Harvard Business School conducted a study of firms during economic downturns and found that a mere 9% came out stronger at the other side. The majority either failed or were not able to maintain their growth rates even three years later.

Those that are successful were the ones that combined both defensive and offensive strategies, pulling back in certain areas whilst investing in others. It’s a complex but achievable balance.

They will present a candid view on what makes a firm sit within the “9%” and how SMEs today can turn adversity into an opportunity through marketing. They will discuss a range of examples, tools and actions that you as an SME can take to pivot, position and publicise at this time. Many of which will require no budget, just creativity, innovation and counter-intuitive thinking.

Finally, they will answer any questions the audience has on how to tackle their marketing at this time.

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