Finding Your Purpose with Sherilyn Shackell, Founder & Global CEO The Marketing Academy

In this episode, Sherilyn shows you how to make difficult decisions, why it's never too late to change and her journey to the top

Key Takeaways

  • Turn things into joy
  • Avoid emotional vampires
  • "Planning time" for recovery
  • Turn everything into a life lesson
  • Manager = control, leader = freedom
  • Leaders develop leaders
  • Leadership is a privilege
  • Look after yourself first to be the best version of yourself

Who is Sherilyn Shackell?

Sherilyn Shackell, is the founder and CEO of The Marketing Academy. A former recruiter who was living her life for reasons that didn’t line up with her values, a near-death experience in her early forties led Sherilyn on a journey to find her purpose.

The Marketing Academy is a unique 'not for profit organisation dedicated to inspiring and developing talented stars from emerging leaders to CMOs to become the leaders, Board Directors and CEOs of tomorrow. The Marketing Academy programs are highly-selective but totally FREE of charge