Finding Happiness with Sarah Warby, Chief Customer Officer at Nandos

In this episode, Sarah reveals that happiness equals success, taking the road less traveled and searching for balance and enjoyment.

Key Takeaways

  • Motivated by culture, doing something I am strong at, and learning
  • Need to kiss frogs to find the "click"
  • Avoid "I will be happy when"
  • Happy brains are more successful
  • 10% circumstances, 90% what you do with it
  • Had to re-build at Unilever and spend 6 months eating humble pie
  • Doesn't want her kids being sheep and frightened

Who is Sarah Warby?

Sarah is a marketeer, a growth officer, a non-exec director, and an amateur painter.

She learned the ropes in Unilever, lived in Australia for a while, was Marketing Director at Heineken, CMO at Sainsbury’s, helped to launch a FinTech start-up, was CEO of a sex toys business and has moonlighted as a welder in South Wales. She’s also a Non-Exec Director at Moneysupermarket plc and Chair of the Marketing Academy Fellowship alumni council.

Sarah is a Fellow of the Marketing Academy and Marketing Society and was Marketing Society Leader of the Year in 2013.