Earn a £200 bonus in just four steps

Earn a £200 bonus in just four steps  

We’ve launched a new referral scheme which means you could earn a little bonus on us when you refer an employer or business to the School of Marketing. 


At the School of Marketing, we’re always looking for employers who could benefit from our world-class training facilities to upskill their marketing teams with the latest tools and techniques. So if you know of an employer who could benefit from signing up for our Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, we’ll give you £200 for every apprentice they enrol! Take a look at how the scheme works. 



Step 1/
Spread the word about our Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship to any company or employer you know who could benefit from our services. You could reach out in the form of an email, a phone call or even a face to face conversation about what we offer and how our apprenticeship programme works. If you need more information to support this conversation, download the syllabus


Step 2/
If the company or person you know is interested, send them our referral form. Ensure they fill out all of the required information, including your details, so that you can claim your reward. 


Step 3/
Once they have completed the form, a member of our sales team will be in touch to provide further information on the programme and will be able to answer any questions they may have. 


Step 4/
Following this, if they decide to enrol a member of their team into our Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship programme, you will receive a confirmation email with steps to claim your reward.


We understand the power of personal connections. So, if you would prefer to introduce us to an employer or company more directly, you can do so by emailing apprenticeships@schoolofmarketing.co.uk and copying in the appropriate contact. We will then ensure that the form is completed with your details to claim your reward. 




The important bit. Please read our terms of referral offer before completing your application to ensure you are comfortable and accept those terms. 

1. The referral fee does not avail VAT as it is considered a VAT exempt expense. 

2. There is a limited time offer that is only available until Tuesday 10th May 2022. 

3. Referral payment - SOM will pay the one-time referral fee of £200 inc of VAT for each Digital Marketing apprentice that SOM has onboarded onto the Digital Marketing apprenticeship programme. 

4. Referees to invoice SOM 30 days after the apprenticeship programme start date and SOM to pay all referral fees within 90 days or once it has received three consecutive monthly payments from the ESFA for that particular apprentice whichever is sooner. 

5. This offer can be revoked at any time.


Our ultimate goal is to upskill as many marketing apprentices as possible, and we appreciate your time in helping us achieve this. If you have any questions on how the referral scheme works, please do not hesitate to contact apprenticeships@schoolofmarketing.co.uk. 


How’s that for a small effort and big return?