Dominate Social Media with Dominic McGregor, Founder & COO of Social Chain

In this episode, Dominic shows radical candor revealing his journey of scaling Social Chain including the ups and downs it had on him personally.

Who is Dominic McGregor?

From dropping out of University taking Social Chain to the public markets in 6 years.

Social Chain initial success came from owning and operating multiple social channels which allowed the business to have a unique understanding of navigating social platforms for brands.

Social Chain has become a leader in the industry working with clients like Amazon, Coca Cola & Tik Tok.

Social Chain also launched a number of it own products across tech, marketing and direct to consumer brands.

About Oh, The Places We'll Go Show!

Started against the background of a global pandemic, increasing racial tensions, growing unemployment.

We wanted to create a safe place and space to help inspire and educate people about successful people’s journeys, recognising that it is rarely ever a straight line.

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