Building an Effective Network with Oli Barrett, Co-founder of TOTS (turn on the subtitles)

In this episode, Oli explains why your network is your net worth, how to build a powerful network and his journey to the top

Key Takeaways

  • Look for life-changing introductions

  • Long shot connections - forgive me for writing to you out of the blue

  • Friends cabinet = forcefield

  • Look after yourself

  • Be a host

Who is Oli Barrett?

Oli Barrett is a connector of people and ideas. Maker of impactful introductions. Interviewer and host of virtual and in-person events.

Creator of the Build a Better Network course.

A shareholder in several companies, including (the mindfulness app, based in the US), Troubadour Theatres (creating new entertainment spaces in London and beyond) and Grasp (changing the way organisations connect).

Host of The Lens podcast (with Business in the Community) and numerous live events including The London Business Awards, The Great British Entrepreneur Awards and Global Tech Advocates.