Being Brave with Gemma Greaves, Co-Founder of Nurture and Founder of Cabal School of Marketing

On this episode, we sit down with Gemma Greaves to discuss why being brave is difficult, how to create better environments and how to take more risks.

Who is Gemma Greaves?

Gemma’s career is framed by 14 years at the Marketing society rising through the ranks to become Chief Executive in 2017, having previously been Marketing Director and Global Managing Director.

Whilst at MS Gemma launched marketing for good in 2013 which epitomises her desire to do good in the world.

As CEO at MS Gemma raised the bar hugely on the impact of the organisation, taking it Global to HK, Singapore, Dubai, India, and New York, and creating the Brave movement that we will hear more about.

She is one of the best-connected people on the planet and building upon that Gemma left the MS a few months ago to Co-found Nurture & Partners which is all about connections.