Becoming CMDO of Loreal UK & Ireland

In this episode Lex talks about the importance of brand purpose, how to stay two steps ahead and what it took for Lex to get to his current position.

Key takeaways

  • You need to stay two steps ahead to succeed 
  • Purpose drives brand success
  • There is always another route
  • Good marketing is very segmented

Who is Lex?

Lex’s career has spanned the growth of the web from the 56k modem to 5G mobile, and covered North America, Europe and the Middle East.

He is currently the Chief Marketing Officer for L'Oréal UK & Ireland; he has been part of the group since 2016 with roles in the Middle East, Africa and Western Europe. Before joining L'Oréal, Lex was head of digital marketing for McDonald's Europe and part of the Business Partnerships team at Facebook where he worked with a select group of clients to drive better ROI on their marketing investments.

He is a 'recovered' ad-man having spent the first part of his career in the agency world, with both WPP and Publicis – his last role was Regional Director for Digital Strategy & Innovation for Leo Burnett MENA. Father of 3 girls, he is a #DigitalNative, Global #geek, and a #Parisian. He balances time between work, the web and family – almost always on his phone.