Using Data to Improve Customer Experiences

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Here are a number of topics we will look at:

- Introduction to data led insights

- How to generate data led insights

- Application of insights to enhance the customer experience

- Case studies of using data led insights to improve customer experiences

Objective of course:

Customer experience is not just a new buzz word doing the rounds in corporate circles now a days, or simply a new marketing gimmick that is likely to fizzle out once the initial hype around it settles down. Business organisations whether big or small; online or brick and mortar; domestic or global – are all understanding the value of customer experience and how important it is in enabling them to survive and thrive. This is where insights play a major role as they help a business understand their customers better and help predict customers’ actions; which then can be applied to take appropriate action to move customer behaviour in their favour. Therefore, this course explores what data led insights are and how they can help businesses to understand and analyse customer experience. It will also discuss how businesses can generate useful insights and the practical application of insights.