Understanding the Fundamentals of Marketing

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Here are a number of topics we will look at:

- What is marketing

- How has marketing changed

- Marketing's place in the organisation and key functions

- Customer centricity and market orientation

- Marketing planning overview

Learning Outcomes:

- Determine the key principles of marketing

- Understand how to carry out marketing analysis using data and insights

- Be able to explain how the marketing function works with other functions within the business 

- Determine how organisations can become more customer centric

Objective of course:

Marketing is all around us... yet what exactly is marketing and what are the key skills needed to be a good marketer?

This module will explain the fundamental principles that underpin the practice of marketing and equip you with some of the key skills and knowledge required to be a good marketer. We will take a closer look at what marketing is and how it has evolved over time, delve into the role of marketing within an organisation, explore how to become more customer centric, and discuss the key stages of a marketing plan.