The Art of Digital and Social Selling

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Here are a number of topics we will look at:

- Understanding the mechanics and psychology of prospecting and lead generation

- Customer Value Optimisation

- Using conversational marketing techniques

- Customer psychological tools, tips and tricks to integrate into social and digital selling strategies

Objective of course:

At the heart of any business is the need to constantly generate new customers and keep them over the long-term. However, with the rise and ever-growing space of digital, customers are becoming inundated with content and marketing, making it increasingly more difficult for brands to stand out from the competition and retain customers. Therefore, social selling can be overwhelming for a brand - especially SMEs – with many different digital tools and aspects to focus on. So, how can you solve this challenge and effectively convert prospects to customers, whilst then also keeping them as customers over the longer-term?


Rather than focusing in on specific digital tools, this module will address this challenge by looking at a system which can govern a variety of digital elements in one optimised system, also known as customer value optimisation. We will help businesses to understand the mechanics that govern this discipline in order to truly help to convert prospects to customers and then keep them over the long-term profitably. We will also look at the role psychology, trust and engagement play in being able to achieve this desired outcome. By the end of the module you will be well equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to perfect the art of social selling, in order to be able convert and retain customers effectively.