Proposition Development

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Here are a number of topics we will look at:

- How a proposition is defined

- The role a proposition plays within a marketing strategy

- What makes a great proposition

- The steps required to developing a proposition; from data gathering through to review

The challenges that can exist when developing propositions

Objective of course:

Why should people buy your products or services? This is where propositions come in, as propositions are the promises brands make to customers on how they intend to offer value. Propositions therefore, when done right can give company’s a great advantage, especially over their competitors. This sounds easier said than done, with propositions often being a great challenge for companies and there are many examples of propositions going wrong. So, how can you develop a great proposition?

This course is a great introduction to propositions and will give you the key steps required to developing an effective proposition; giving you the knowledge and skills to set your brand apart from the rest through creating a great proposition – so, what are you waiting for? Launch the course now to get started!