Programmatic Advertising

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Here are a number of topics we will look at:

- What programmatic advertising is

- Differences between programmatic and traditional advertising systems

- Key benefits and challenges of programmatic advertising

- Who the main players are in the programmatic market

- How to best incorporate programmatic into campaign planning

- The future of programmatic

Objective of course:

Advertising is being overwhelmed and transformed by technology the same way a number of other industries are. Millions of applications, digital properties and websites are viewed across several different channels all at one time. Therefore, to choose different platforms, channels and devices and to deliver the most effective marketing campaigns in the digital world is increasingly challenging work as the environment becomes exponentially fragmented. This is where programmatic steps in and can be a real game changer for many marketers.

This course will give you an understanding into this game changer tool by first defining exactly what programmatic advertising is. We will do this by looking into key benefits and challenges, outlining how it differs from traditional advertising and introducing you to the main players on the programmatic scene. We will also touch on how to effectively use programmatic in marketing campaigns and the success/challenges brands have had with using programmatic in their own marketing strategies. Finally, with programmatic developing at a great rate we will investigate the future of programmatic and some major trends.