Insight & Foresight: Why and How

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Here are a number of topics we will look at:

- Insights for the modern marketer

- What consumers can’t tell you

- Qualitative methods

- Co-creation

- Quantitative research and analytics

Objective of course:

An insight is an uncommon truth that sharply crystallises an understanding of your target customers and their context, or their relationship with your category or brand. Therefore, consumer and market insight departments are crucial functions that inform product and service development, brand strategy and communications, and much more. Without insight into our customers, our marketing is based on guesswork. So, why is insight so important and how can brands and marketers generate insight?

This course will first give you a grounding in insights by considering the role and function of insight and also equip you with the key tools and techniques to generate insight; such as qualitative and quantitative research methods. Whilst providing pointers to help you consider the viability of each research method in order to fit a range of briefs which you may encounter as a marketer. We will also explore the importance of foresight and how fresh insight can ensure organisations stay ahead of the curve not only today but moving forward, especially in our increasingly fast-changing and turbulent world. So, launch this course to start gaining insights and foresight into insight!