How Marketing Agencies Operate

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Here are a number of topics we will look at:

- What marketing agencies do


- How marketing agencies operate


- Different agency business models


- How to get the most out of your marketing agency


- Longer term trends affecting marketing agencies

Learning Outcomes:

- Describe what marketing agencies do and why they operate

- Determine the various agency models that exist

- Consider how to get the most out of your marketing agency


Objective of course:

There is a lot of talk and uncertainty around the topics of client/ agency relationships and what the future of the agency model is. So, why is this and how do marketing agencies actually operate?


This course will address some of these questions by giving you an insight into the agency world. We will explore what marketing agencies do, how agencies operate, the implications of agency business models for building relationships and the best methods for fostering effective and successful agency relationships. We’ll also investigate the future of the agency model and hear from industry experts about how client/agency relationships are evolving.