Evaluating Creative Work

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Here are a number of topics we will look at:

- Why is it important to be creative in marketing?

- Getting the most out of your creative brief and creative techniques

- Evaluating creative outputs

Giving and receiving constructive feedback

Objective of course:

Creativity in marketing can often be underestimated, misunderstood or demoted further down the priority list. However, creativity should be at the heart of marketing and makes all the difference when trying to engage with consumers, win their hearts and minds and of course, increase the commercial performance of organisation. Despite its importance and contribution to marketing effectiveness many businesses struggle with evaluating creative work and ultimately fail to effectively measure whether a campaign has been successful or not. So, what’s the key to this?
This course will unlock creativity for you and provide a robust framework to evaluate creative work. We will do this by first exploring why creativity in marketing is so important and look at techniques to maximise creativity/ get the most out of a creative brief. Then we will turn to evaluating creative work and the process involved to conduct an evaluation effectively, whilst also looking at how to give and receive feedback well during the creative process.