Developing and Growing a Brand

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Here are a number of topics we will look at:

- What is a brand?

- The creation of a brand

- Assessing a brand

- How brands grow

Learning Outcomes:

- Determine the role and importance of branding within a business and how it is used

- How do you manage a brand over time?

- Determine ways to measure brand equity and value

Objective of course:

What is the role of a brand and why is brand management more important than ever? The role of a brand and how it evolves has fundamentally changed in today’s context. 

This module will be a vital resource for Brand and Marketing Managers that are looking at how to develop and manage their brands at both a strategic and tactical level. We will begin this module by looking at the role of a brand in an organisation, before understanding how a brand gets created in today’s world. We will then look at how to develop and manage a brand before finally assessing how to determine brand value or equity.