Developing a Paid Advertising and Paid Social Campaign

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Here are a number of topics we will look at:

- What is Paid Advertising

- Different types of Paid Search

- Paid Social

- Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Advertising

- Landing page optimisation

Objective of course:

What does the future of marketing look like and how can you take advantage of it? Many believe that Paid Advertising is the future and one of the most effective marketing tools available. So, in this module we will take a close look at the world of Paid Advertising and explore the various platforms available. You will learn how to determine which platform to choose based on your campaign’s strategy and objectives. We will specifically explore the three key social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn - and how they work from a Paid Social perspective. We will then look at how you can optimise your landing page once a user has clicked on your advert in order to convert this to a sale.