Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

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Here are a number of topics we will look at:

- What is a digital marketing strategy and why is it needed?

- Constructing a digital marketing strategy

- Digital marketing channels and creating content plans for specific digital channels

- Integration of various marketing channels

- Holistic measurement of the overall customer journey and experience

Learning Outcomes:

- The role digital marketing plays in the marketing mix and how it integrates with other channels

- Determining how to measure digital marketing activities

- Creating a digital marketing strategy and campaign

- Digital Marketing channels and creating content plans for specific digital channels

Objective of course:

We live in a world which is getting increasingly digitised. A majority of people start their buying journeys online and it just makes sense for a business to make a place for themselves at the beginning of that journey. Digital marketing gives a business many avenues to reach their audience and a proper strategy that structures the efforts, can result in truly engaging audiences. So how can a business leverage the advantages of digital marketing?

In this module, we will aim to understand not only what digital marketing comprises, but its benefits, steps in creating an effective digital marketing strategy, creating content plans for specific digital channels, integrating digital and offline marketing to align with overall marketing strategy and using marketing automation to ensure all the marketing efforts are coordinated, and last but not the least, holistic measurement to understand the overall customer experience with digital marketing.