Creatively Solving and Re-framing Problems

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Here are a number of topics we will look at:

- Re-framing the problem

- Overview of framework and pinning the problem

- Identifying the issues

- Identifying and analysing possible solutions


Learning Outcomes:

- Be able to re-frame current problems in order to come up with creative solutions

- Identifying problems and factors relevant to problems, using these to formulate clear problem statements

- Using recognised problem-solving techniques to analyse problems in terms of root causes

- Developing possible solutions that address the root causes of a problem, and that can evidence validity and reasoned rationale

- Identifying strategies for monitoring and evaluating solutions

Objective of course:

It’s not the problems you face within life it’s how you deal with them that counts, and this is no different for organisations. However, when problem-solving many organisations miss vital pieces of the puzzles, which could turn the problem on its head. This is where re-framing the problem comes into play as it looks to both creativity and critical thinking when trying to develop solutions. Especially in today’s world, where individuals and organisations are facing problems that we never imagined we would face and at such a great rate; therefore, creatively solving and re-framing problems is becoming more critical than ever for organisations. 

This module is a great place to start and prepare you in the process of thinking more outside of the box and creatively solving problems. It will break-down the problem-solving process into easily digestible pieces and give you a framework to use within your own context. So, that by the end of the module you should have a pretty good handle on the key steps that you need to take in order to solve any organisational problem.